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Permaculture Design and implementation services are essential for achieving regenerative living in Costa Rica. By using permaculture principles and techniques, it’s possible to live in abundance of food and energy while simultaneously regenerating the landscape for future generations.

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Bioclimatic architecture

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Permaculture Design Ethics

Our company follows an integrated design process by incorporating the principles of permaculture ethics.

Our desitions are taken under these 3 bases: earth care, people care, and future care.

By prioritizing earth care, we ensure that our projects minimize harm to the natural environment. We also prioritize people care, designing projects that take care of the needs and well-being of the people involved. In addition, we consider future, designing projects that consider the impact and ensure that resources are available for future generations. Through this integrated approach, we create sustainable, self-sufficient projects that benefit both people and the planet.

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Regenerative Design

For us, the path we take is just as important as the end result. We commit to regenerate the land in the projects we consult on, having a fruitful dialogue with the landscape. We thoroughly observe and understand the land’s expressions, ensuring high-definition clarity on the project’s vision, needs, and challenges through a thorough client interview. This approach fosters long-term relationships between the land and its caretakers.

Our Network

Our extensive network of professionals becomes a great advantage. We trust the reliability of their services, benefiting you throughout the project.

We can help you save money, time, frustration and avoid mistakes due to our broad experience. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve learned from both our mistakes and successes. Our wealth of resources and solutions empowers us to serve you better.

What our clients say about us?

"Our entire ecosystem has changed since we installed the permaculture plan in our community, from eroded colins and valleys to ponds lush with forests and vibrant food gardens. The kids love swimming in the pond in the summer. The birds, turtles and all the other animals appreciate it deeply. Thank you."
"The house is great. The garden and planning are fantastic. Very happy with your work! Your landscaping design is hanging on our door. The gardeners say that our garden is the most beautiful they take care of, and people can't believe that we've only been in this house in a few years, the garden makes it feel like we've been here for a long time..."
Symbiosis Testimonial - Karina
Karina Truskanov
"They did a fantastic job of translating our dream into plans, and their plans obviously worked for our project, it looks perfect.  It's just how I expected it to look, in fact even better. All the details are turning out great. This is really a great job!" beautiful!"
Symbiosis Testimonial - Tom Newmark
Tom Newmark
Entrepreneur, Climate-change activist, Founder and Chair of The Carbon Underground

We attend to clients who speak English, Spanish, German or Hebrew, and want to live regeneratively in the South and Pacific areas of Costa Rica.

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