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With over two decades of experience, we actively demonstrate the positive impact of human interaction with the environment. At Symbiosis Design, we believe in regenerating ecosystems, providing abundant food, and meeting all human needs. Discover how we can make a difference!

As a multidisciplinary team, we actively provide a comprehensive suite of Permaculture design and implementation services. Our holistic process is grounded in Permaculture design ethics, principles, and system thinking.

With our unique approach, we guide you from a bare ground to a fully integrated system right on your property.

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I am captivated by the intricate relationships between soil, water, microorganisms, and plants, as well as their impact on our health. By mimicking nature’s wisdom, we can foster a harmonious bond with ourselves, others, and the Earth. Nurturing our inner gardens and souls.

My commitment extends beyond personal growth. I am dedicated to guiding my two children and serving my family and community. I strive to practice what I teach, approaching life with humility and positivity.

My educational background includes a degree in Agronomic Engineering from EARTH University, Costa Rica, and an MSc. in Sustainable Community Development. My passion lies in regenerative agro-ecology, eco-social strategies, and education.

 Throughout my journey, I have gained extensive experience in developing food security and community development projects in Colombia and Costa Rica.

our team: Melina Hurtado Zuleta

Melina Hurtado Zuleta

Agronomical Engineer,
MSc. Sustainable Community development

our team : Itai Hauben Green

Itai Hauben Green

Senior Permaculturist,
M.Sc. Regenerative Ecosocial Design

My concern for the well-being of our communities has driven me to explore ways to restore damaged landscapes. It was through this journey that I discovered the transformative potential of Permaculture. I realized that by adopting regenerative approaches to food production, we can effectively turn problems into solutions.

Residing in Costa Rica since 2004, I’ve applyed Permaculture strategies to various projects spanning the country’s diverse biomes. The opportunity to observe and study intricate patterns has been a constant source of inspiration for me.

I embrace an integrative approach, harmoniously blending elements and layers of information to create synergetic systems. These systems facilitate the regenerative process of the land and also cater to human needs.

I am a bridge between people and nature. Seeing it as my personal contribution to the planet, to improve communities’ quality of life.

Driven by the current state of the world, I am motivated to dedicate my time, creativity, and experience to preserving and regenerating ecosystems. With a deep sense of purpose, I commit myself to making a positive impact on our planet’s well-being.

My deep connection with nature is what fuels my passion and commitment. I immerse myself in its patterns, key species, and the social and cultural structures that influence change and ensure a susteinable future for generations

My journey began as a social anthropologist, working with rural and indigenous communities to foster community development. My focus gradually shifted towards organic agriculture and permaculture, where I have over 10 years of experience. Taking me in the journey of working on regenerative agricultural projects.

Beyond my work in agriculture, I am also a dedicated beekeeper. I  facilitate transformative experiences through Sweat Lodges, and sharing empathic and assertive communication methodologies.

Sergio Montaña Pulfer

Sergio Montaña Pulfer

Project Director

our team andres

Andrés Morales Fernández

Industrial Engineer

My professional journey started as an industrial engineer, into capacity planning within corporate settings for a span of 12 years. However, my focus took a significant shift towards the realms of permaculture and organic agriculture.

Within time, my interests gravitated towards biological pest control as a crucial component of sustainable food production. I am deeply passionate about regeneration, emphasizing the implementation of fungi-based biological pest control methods. Additionally, I am driven by the pursuit of continuous improvement and the development of efficient and productive systems.

By integrating my expertise in industrial engineering, permaculture, and organic agriculture, I strive to foster a harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment. Through this, we can pave the way for sustainable and regenerative practices that benefit both ecosystems and society.

My professional journey began in graphic design, where I honored my creative.

However, during my experience working in hospitality along the Pacific coast that I stumbled upon the world of permaculture. Intrigued by it, I developed a deep interest in embracing it’s lifestyle that prioritizes regenerative systems and sustainability.

Inspired by this perspective, I made the decision to further immerse myself in the world of permaculture. In 2019, I took a step forward by completing my Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) with Adama Permaculture Farm. This transformative experience equipped me with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate regenerative practices into my life and work.

about Jonathan Alvarado Miranda

Jonathan Alvarado Miranda

Implementation assistant

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