Through our two decades of experience we have demonstrated that human interaction with the environment can have a positive impact, and can regenerate ecosystems while providing abundant food and meeting all human needs.


We are a multidisciplinary team that provides a full suite of Permaculture design and implementation services. We facilitate a holistic process, founded in Permaculture design ethics, principles and system thinking.

Our unique approach can efficiently take you from bare ground to a fully integrated living system, implemented on your property.

I am fascinated by the complex relationships between the soil, water, microorganisms, plants and health, and I believe we can mimic that knowledge to design and cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves and others, to take care of our inner garden, our souls and to take care and love the earth, because we are part of her.
I am committed to my personal growth, to learn and guide my two kids and be in service to my family and community, I am committed to practice what I believe and teach, to be humble and positive.
I studied Agronomic Engineering and graduated from the EARTH University, Costa Rica. I also hold a MSc. in Sustainable community development. I am passionate about regenerative agro-ecology and eco-social strategies and education. I gained broad experience in developing food security and community development projects in Colombia and Costa Rica.

Melina Hurtado Zuleta

Melina Hurtado Zuleta

Agronomical Engineer,
MSc. Sustainable Community development
Itai Hauben Green

Itai Hauben Green

Senior Permaculturist,
M.Sc. Regenerative Ecosocial Design

I deeply care about the health of our communities and ecosystems. Looking for ways to repair damaged landscapes led me to Permaculture, and I realized that growing food in a regenerative way is an extremely powerful tool to convert the problem into a solution.

Since 2004 I have been living in Costa Rica, applying Permaculture solutions to different projects in all of the country’s different biomes,
I love observing and studying complex patterns.
In my work I integrate elements and layers of information into synergetic systems. These support and set into motion the regenerative process of the land while supporting human needs.

I serve as a connector between people and nature. I feel it is my contribution to the planet and to the improvement of quality of life in the communities I work with.
The current situation of the world motivates me to dedicate my time, creativity and experience to the preservation and regeneration of ecosystems.
This is why I live, love and work with nature, its patterns, its key species and with the social and cultural structures to generate changes and impacts in our present context and for our future generations. I began my professional training as a social anthropologist. After several years of working in community development in rural and indigenous areas of Costa Rica, I shifted my focus to organic agriculture and permaculture. I have more than 10 years of experience living and working in regenerative agricultural projects.
I am also a passionate beekeeper, I facilitate Sweat Lodges, and share empathic and assertive communication methodologies.

Sergio Montaña Pulfer

Sergio Montaña Pulfer

Project Director

Andrés Morales Fernández

Industrial Engineer


I began my professional trainning as an industrial engineer.

After 12 years working in capacity planning in corporate environments, I switched my attention to permaculture and organic agriculture, with particular interest in biological pest control as part of supply chain food for production.

I am passionate about regeneration, fungi based biological pest control, continuous improvement and effective productive systems.



I started my professional career as a graphic desiger.

During my time working in hospitality in the Pacific coast, discovered the world of permaculture and developed interest in a farming lifestyle that is more oriented in regenerative systems. With this new approach I decided to take my PDC with Adama Permaculture Farm in 2019.

Jonathan Alvarado Miranda

Implementation assistant

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