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Chicua Community 2022-2023

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What is the Chicua community?

The Chicua community is recognized for its commitment to ancestral ceremonies, which play a fundamental role in facilitating healing, meaningful encounters, self-awareness, and celebration.

Culture, ritual and nature

This community stands out for its deep respect and strong connection with nature. In addition, it demonstrates a strong commitment to the preservation of ancestral traditions and rituals.

These ceremonies not only provide the opportunity to establish a link with nature, but also promote union and cohesion within the community.

fire ceremony chicua project

At the same time, it is important to highlight that these rituals have a therapeutic function, since there is a firm belief in their ability to promote the integral healing of the body, mind and spirit.

In Chicua, the importance of preserving and transmitting these traditions and rituals to future generations is valued. In this way, the continuity of the celebration of culture and the deep connection with nature that characterizes this community is ensured.


Seed of Water

Cultivating Water

Cultivating water, like a seed, means protecting the two Chicua streams and springs. This implies establishing an adequate management of wastewater, both black and gray, within the community.

It seeks to reduce pollution from existing bathrooms and latrines. Consequently, it’s important to mitigate the erosion of the land to safeguard and regenerate it. All this with the purpose of allowing this area to grow and flourish in harmony with nature.

road in the forest

Chicua is a network, and its heart is spiritual work, moved by the desire to generate a positive impact on the planet. The wishes of the community include:

proyecto chicua

Why have we chosen the Chicua community?

chicua community

Symbiosis members are deeply involved and have a strong sense of ownership in this community project. Sergio and Jonathan have been sun dancers for 16 and 6 years respectively, while Melina has been a moon dancer for 6 years. All three are part of this community. This project is aligned with the spiritual path of the team, and their commitment to the space and the community led them to choose it as Symbiosis’s first collaborative social project.

Furthermore, as a team, it is gratifying to share what we do at the business and company level with a group that perhaps does not have the financial resources to do so. This project is mainly made up of Costa Rican people and, at the same time, contributes to the conservation of water and the regeneration of the land.

Our Team

"On a personal level, it is sharing to bring a balance. The spiritual practice and permaculture as the care of the land and all the natural resources that are there, so that you can continue to serve and nourish the people who are there. and in reciprocity of the earth"
melina hurtado
"What excites me about this project is that it is a community that helps many people to heal, to find themselves, through ritual, and it is like a recovery of ancestral memory and honoring the peoples indigenous people. I am very moved because it is a group that has given me a lot personally in my path, and I have seen many people also benefit from it. Also because there is a great focus on family and children, and that is something very beautiful."
Sergio montaña
"For me, the most exciting thing is he potential that the place has to adapt to the activities we do there. I have been part of the Chicua family for many years, praying there, doing my sun dances, supporting the dance of the moon, that's where I started my spiritual path. It's very special to share with the family, I've always helped maintain the project and it this is what keeps me connected, from the heart to the service."
about Jonathan Alvarado Miranda


Giving recommendations to a social project implies: offering suggestions and guidance to improve its impact and reach, maintaining a solid alignment with the philosophy and needs of the community it serves.

It is essential to consider both the impact of the project on the community and the environment as well as its fundamental values ​​and principles. In this way, recommendations are offered to support its long-term success and sustainability.

Proper water management

Permaculture teaches us to understand the flows, patterns, and cycles of water in our landscape. Taking advantage of this knowledge, we can create intelligent systems that optimize the use of this valuable resource.

Water becomes our ally to face challenges!

By learning proper water management techniques, communities are empowered to capture, store, and use this resource more efficiently. We reduce dependence on external sources, face droughts and avoid floods.

We become autonomous and resilient!

Furthermore, proper water management has a wonderful effect on biodiversity, soil health and food production. As we promote conservation and responsible use, we build robust systems that lead to:

Thriving and thriving communities!

hands holding water

Dry Toilets and Greywater Management​

From a permaculture perspective, the change from latrines to dry toilets and the management of wash water:

They are true catalysts for change.

These actions not only drastically reduce water consumption, but also create nutrient-rich soil and prevent pollution.

In addition, redirecting gray water for plant irrigation not only saves a significant amount of water, but also provides essential nutrients for plant growth.

It is a smart and sustainable approach to nurture our flora.

By implementing these recommendations, the community can take a step towards a more sustainable and regenerative way of life.

Imagine a future where water is conserved, soils are thriving, and nature flourishes!

Mitigating Erosion through reforestation

Mitigating erosion is essential for community development from a permaculture perspective. Erosion can lead to soil degradation, reduced water quality, and even landslides, all of which can have devastating effects on local communities.

Reforestation becomes our secret solution to prevent erosion.

By stabilizing the soil, improving its structure and increasing organic matter:

Trees become guardians of balance.

Its ability to absorb and retain water reduces runoff, thus slowing down the erosion process. But that’s not all, this system also provides us with a series of additional benefits for the community. These trees provide us with food, fuel, and other vital resources.

In addition, they create habitats for wildlife and encourage biodiversity, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem.

By taking steps to mitigate erosion, we are building resilience. We are protecting our future and ensuring sustainability for both our communities and the environment.

planting a tree chicua

Conceptual Map

chicua road

In conclusion, the social project that we present aims to promote the sustainability, resilience and well-being of the Chicua community.

Through creative and concise recommendations, we have highlighted the importance of proper water management, shifting to composting toilets and gray water management, as well as erosion mitigation through reforestation.

In addition, we have highlighted the need to strengthen invisible structures through dialogue and community participation. These recommendations are in line with the principles of permaculture and seek to create a sustainable environment where nature and the community can flourish in harmony.

By implementing these actions, we are proposing to build a better future for Chicua, where the connection with nature, community resilience and care for the environment are fundamental pillars.

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