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The Retreat, Atenas

By entrusting Symbiosis with their project, the clients found relief from the overwhelming challenges and uncertainties they initially faced. Our turnkey design and implementation service alleviated the burden, by creating a functional access system, with productive landscape, erosion control, raincatchment and  protecting structures from foundation erosion. Through our collaborative efforts, we have transformed the site into a remarkable retreat center that exceeds expectations.


The Challenge

Upon our arrival at the site, we identified critical issues that demanded immediate attention. Dangerous erosion caused by unmitigated runoff from roofs threatened the structural integrity of the buildings on this steep site. Additionally, the limited access, challenging parking, and steep slope further compounded the difficulties. Furthermore, the western aspect of the property posed challenges for food production.

The Solutions:

We tackled the parking space issue head-on by transforming it into a stunning lily pond, enhancing the Spa entrance. This remarkable feature not only adds beauty but also effectively manages roof runoff, regulating its flow and preventing erosion by controlled discharge into the creeks.

drone picture of retreat center withproductive landscaping and erosion control

We introduced an alternate driveway and parking space, providing convenient parking and improved maneuverability while preserving aesthetic appeal. In line with our design, we incorporated a wide array of fruit trees to enhance the landscape, along with a diverse selection of shade-tolerant, perennial tropical crops for sustainable food production.

erosion control through ponds
water management and erosion control

We successfully addressed the challenges faced by the client, providing a comprehensive turnkey design and implementation service. With our expertise, the client now enjoys a functional access system, stunning and productive landscaping, and the reassurance that the structures are safeguarded against erosion risks. We have alleviated the client’s burden, delivering a transformative solution that surpasses their initial expectations.

the retreat

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