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With our comprehensive permaculture service packages, we ensure a seamless journey: From the moment you are buying land, to the moment you are harvesting fresh produce from your farm, and everything in between, we make it happen!

permaculture due diligence

Package 1:
Due Diligence

Are you in the market for a  property? Before making any decisions, it's important to consider all factors involved.

Package 2: Permaculture Consultancy

Already bought a property? With our permaculture consultation services, we'll meet you on-site and discuss tailored solutions for your project.

conceptual map permaculture service

Package 3: Conceptual Design

Do you want to learn about the unique aspects of your property? We can help you define the best place for the zones that are part of your project.

Package 4:
Master Plan

Ready to go deeper on the design of your project? We provide visually appealing and practical plans for food, water, waste, infrastructure, solutions and more.

permaculture master plan

Package 5: Master Plan Plus

This is an essential tool to turn your design into reality. In addition to illustrations and maps, it includes a detailed manual with all the information you need to execute the design.


With our experienced Permaculture implementation team, we can bring your design plans to life while prioritizing your values and vision. Additionally, we keep the environment’s best interest in mind throughout the process. 

Moreover, our team understands the local context and works with the best people in the area, saving you time and money. As a result, we can reduce stress, avoid mistakes, and optimize efficiency during implementation.

We assure that you are producing an abundance of food in a regenerative way.

Implementation services

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