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Conceptual Design

Your Permaculture Vision Takes Shape

Looking to turn your permaculture vision into a tangible plan? Our Conceptual Design service lays the foundation for your project’s success.

Our Site Analysis Report

delves into crucial aspects:

  • Location
  • Climate Information
  • Sectors
  • Ecology
  • Existing Resources
  • Relief
  • Access
  • Legal Situation
  • Hydrology and Runoff
  • Social and Cultural Context
  • Soil Conditions and Composition
  • Development Advantages and Potential
conceptual design hydrology map
conceptual design noise an sun map
conceptual design climate map

Utilizing Permaculture Zoning:

Permaculture zoning is a design concept that plays a crucial role in creating efficient and sustainable human environments that harmonize with the natural world. Here’s why permaculture zoning is important:

1. Resource Efficiency:  Zoning allows you to allocate resources and inputs where they are most needed. 

2. Time Management: Elements that require regular attention are placed closer to living spaces, making it easier to tend to them regularly.

3. Maximizing Yield: By strategically placing plants and animals according to their requirements, you can create favorable conditions for their growth and productivity. 

permaculture Conceptual design

Illustrations and Maps:

Our team provides zone maps that outline the location of main elements such as roads, trails, housing, storage, agricultural infrastructure, and landscape zones for productive gardens. In addition, we can include medicinal gardens, grazing areas for animals, potential pond locations, and any other zones you want to include in your project.

Our maps are clear and beautiful illustrations that will help you visualize your project’s potential.

Experience Matters:

We specialize in identifying and strategically placing optimal zones within your landscape. We understand that every project is distinct, with its own set of unique characteristics, our expertise lies in tailoring zone placements to align seamlessly with these individual attributes.

 Through our comprehensive reporting, we offer you a wealth of information that empowers you to make well-informed decisions regarding your permaculture project. Our reports serve as invaluable roadmaps, guiding you through the intricacies of your site’s potential, helping you anticipate challenges, and aiding in the development of a thorough and successful project plan.

Unlock your property’s potential. 

Start designing your sustainable future with us.

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