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Sustainable Homestead Case Study

Harry and Susan Homestead

Our goal was to create a productive and sustainable homestead in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica using a permaculture approach. 

When we joined, we developed a comprehensive strategy for erosion control and initiated the planting of a food forest, marking the first step towards long-term sustainability

sustainable homestead harry and susan

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was significant erosion on several slopes due to earthworks being done prior to our engagement, without proper management. Our expertise and intervention were necessary to address and mitigate the erosion issues effectively.

The Solution

The solution we proposed was an erosion control plan consisting of various proactive strategies to be implemented before the onset of heavy rainfall during the wet season. 

Our primary objective was to prevent further erosion and enhance runoff management on roads through the implementation of proper drainage systems. By taking these measures, we aimed to safeguard the landscape and minimize the detrimental effects of erosion.

We implemented an active erosion control strategy by densely planting specifically selected plants on the slopes. This approach optimized soil health, controlled erosion, and promoted the regeneration of flora, fauna, and fungi. 

Additionally, our comprehensive design and implementation of the food forest featured the incorporation of two swales and an infiltration pond. This systems enhance the sustainability and productivity of the ecosystem.

How to implement a food forest?

We actively mitigated erosion on the property and provided continuous support to the client during the establishment of the food forest. 

By implementing the design we created, we maximized the use of the available space and turned diversity, succession, and vision into a tangible reality. Our collaborative efforts ensured the successful realization of the client’s goals and a thriving, regenerative ecosystem.

In conclusion, the development of this sustainable homestead project has been a remarkable journey. Through meticulous planning, strategic interventions, and collaborative efforts, we have transformed the land into a regenerative ecosystem.

Through erosion control, diverse food forest establishment, and sustainable practices, we’ve created a self-sufficient and harmonious living space.


food forest implementation

6 months later

food forest implementation

As we monitor and refine the project, our commitment to sustainability and resilience remains unwavering. Together, we achieved a remarkable transformation, setting a shining example for regenerative living.

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