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Water Harvesting Systems

Ecovillage Pachamama

Discover how Pachamama community in Costa Rica  revolutionized their water harvesting systems for sustainability and resilience. From addressing heavy erosion issues to ensuring water availability in the dry season. From a passive approach of “let’s nature do it’s thing” towards increased self-sufficiency, bringing food production and reduced costs on long haul food transportation. 

Learn how this intentional community and retreat center created on 1999 embraced regenerative practices for a thriving ecosystem.

The Challenge

The valley of Pachamama, had two main challenges: erosion ruts all over the land, as a result of unmanaged runoff. These scars not only disrupted the natural flow of water but were also a threat to the stability of the land. In second place, the soil quality and the harsh climate made it difficult for any food production to thrive. 

The Solution: Water Detention Ponds

Through our expertise and approach, we designed and implemented a comprehensive water retention system. This solution involved the construction of two expansive detention ponds, strategically positioned to capture and store rainfall runoff. These ponds act as vital reservoirs, mitigating the deep erosion ruts that once plagued the land.

Detention Pond water systems in costa rica

In the arid landscapes of Costa Rica, where unmanaged runoff and dry climate pose significant challenges, the construction of water dams emerges as a transformative solution within permacultural systems. Water dams, carefully designed and strategically placed, serve as crucial elements in combating erosion and conserving precious water resources. These structures act as barriers, capturing runoff and directing it towards the creation of reservoirs. By effectively managing water flow, the dams mitigate erosion ruts that scar the land, allowing for the regeneration of healthy soil and the establishment of thriving vegetation. The stored water becomes a valuable asset during periods of scarcity, providing a lifeline to sustain crops, nurture biodiversity, and support the local ecosystem.

Water Dam construction

Through our diligent efforts, we have achieved remarkable results in addressing the water-related challenges in the main valley of Pachamama.

The meticulously designed detention ponds have become reservoirs that retain water consistently throughout the year.

pachamama reforestation

To further regenerate the area, we established a sprawling 3-hectare food forest. This thriving ecosystem not only enhances biodiversity but also serves as a sustainable source of nourishment for the community. To ensure high-quality fruit trees, we have set up a greenhouse nursery, fostering the growth and propagation of plants. Additionally, we established a composting center, to enrich the soil and foster a regenerative cycle.

 This has had a profound impact  revitalizing a once dwindling spring that now flows all year-round. To maintain the freshness of the water during the dry season, a small portion is intelligently circulated back to the ponds.

Our ambitious food forest project, complemented by privately planted fruit trees, has borne fruit, quite literally. The bountiful harvests from these lush green spaces now provide sustenance for the entire community, nourishing them with locally grown, organic produce.

pachamama forest

Results after the implementation

With our expertise in food cultivation and the continuous exchange of knowledge, we have witnessed remarkable progress over time. The reciprocal process of observation and learning has led to even better outcomes. The initial infrastructure we installed has evolved undertime with transformative improvements.

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